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Numeric Notes

Aksiyon Finans
Geliştirici: Dmitry NIKOLAEV

*** Numeric Notes is no longer supported and on sale now. Use Numi 2 - new text calculator with new powerful features!"

Now you can take notes while combining any calculation with text.

Numerical Notes are changing the approach to calculations, related to finances, work, or home, completely. They are especially useful for: making all sorts of calculations, tracking payments, counting and keeping track of orders, simple bookkeeping or accounting.

Notes are saved automatically, so you can quickly return to the previous calculations or create new ones based on those saved ones. You can modify calculations as easily as you can modify any text.

Exporting of calculations allows us to easily share them with others or to transfer them to any other electronic device.

The features of the application:

— The results of all calculations are shown instantly as you type them
— A calculation may consist of any of the following: text, numbers, commands, operations, and comments. Having said that, the process of inputting those stays as simple and natural as when you are typing a plain text.
— Additional operations for convenient calculations of percentages
— Quick computation of all the results, additional calculations, and the final sum, which is recalculated automatically.
— Accounts for and supports currency symbols.


"It’s more than a notes app and more than a calculator" — Mac AppStorm

"Numbers, text, and other operations can be used all together in order to obtain clearer and expressive calculations, which are not only easy to understand, but just as easy to modify." — UsingMac